OMPP/WOFP Endorses Release of HERBCITI IMMUNIES, the 100% Natural Immunomodulator against COVID-19

SEOUL, Korea – OMPP/WOFP endorses the worldwide release of HERBCITI IMMUNIES, 100% natural immunomodulator showings highly effective efficacy against COVID-19. HerbCiti LLC (Chairman Joo Pyo Hong), located in Silicon Valley, announces the release of HerbCiti ImmuniesTM, health supplement showing highly effective efficacy against COVID-19 with full support by Asia Pacific Secretary General, Antonio Hyun Jong

People from all over the world are wearing Korean history, and a Korean company is writing it

Starting with Korean artists like BTS and Black Pink, K-culture is at the center of the world. The distinctive identity of Korea, including K-pop, Korean food, culture, and fashion, dazzles not only Korean celebrities but also people around the world, and continues succeeding. Among them, the Korean fashion market, which was less popular in Asia,

One Star International Company is No.1 oral care brand for kids in korea manufacturer & distributor of 360 degree manual and sonic toothbrush

No.1 Brand in Korea, export to 20 countries Toothbrushes with 40% market share in Korea We have got a patent of Washer-ring and applied into the toothbrush so the bristles can last longer. It enables each layer to rotate itself when kids bite & chew, so bristle is not damaged.   Proven to remove two

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Teeth play a vital role in a whole life. Therefore, it must be properly managed after milk tooth. When should I start brushing my child’s teeth? Most of the beginner parents don’t know when start to brush their baby’s teeth. So, I would like to show you ‘how to care for my child’s teeth’. 1.

A new global Mega Industry is emerging in 2021. BLOCKCHAIN ROBOTS will soon be building “Next Level” HOUSING at 80 TIMES

Vancouver, British Columbia Feb 1, 2021 – Blockchain Robots Accelerate Construction to 80 Times the Speed. The world’s newest industry: Automated Construction leverages Blockchain-enabled Robotic Builder Drones, IoT and Digital Twins to accelerate construction to over 80 times the speed with ZERO WASTE. Global construction enters a new era. 11 years since the emergence of Bitcoin,