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New York, NY / November 17, 2021 / SEAPRWire / The long-awaited token sale of VINGT.IO’s native token (VGT) is officially live in the form of a Pre-ICO that runs till the 31st of December. This provides an opportunity to grab VGT tokens at $0.075, a discount of 25% to the ICO launch price of $0.10 on January 1st, 2022.

Although the Defi industry has evolved at a meteoric rate with time, it is still in its infancy, with gaps existing in large parts of the market. Perhaps the key challenge faced by Defi investors is exposure to idiosyncratic risk. Most Defi platforms do not have the means to allow investors to diversify their portfolio without purchasing a collection of individual assets, and even upon doing so investors are pegged by high transaction costs and day-to-day operational challenges of holding multiple assets on multiple blockchains across multiple wallets or exchanges. Lack of structured products is another issue that leads to the majority of investors only being able to execute vanilla trades and hence not take full advantage of what the market has to offer.

The VINGT.IO ecosystem aims to deal with the challenges mentioned above. The vision behind the creation of this ecosystem is to bridge the gap between traditional and cryptocurrency markets by providing structured solutions thus enabling investors to maximize returns.

VINGT.IO consists of multiple Defi projects, all governed by the VGT token, which allows holders to make strategic project decisions through the democratic process of voting. VINGT.IO’s initial project revolves around the creation of a basket of twenty cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to gain macro exposure to the crypto space while reducing idiosyncratic risk. Labeled BSK, the token will constitute a basket of tokens that are a natural representation of the overall market. The aim of BSK is to provide a single asset solution to the issue of diversification while enabling operational efficiency and reducing the portfolio’s value-at-risk (VaR).

VGT serves not only as the governance token for BSK (and the ecosystem as a whole) but also as a constituent of BSK. This implies that VGT holders will govern the constituents of BSK and be a key component in the overall management of the basket.

Apart from VGT, the BSK will also include popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BUSD, Binance coin, and USDC, among many others. Both VGT and BSK will be compatible with the Binance Smart Chain and are BEP20 tokens. The combination of top assets and stable coins will allow BSK to outperform a bear market while providing strong returns in a bull run.

BSK caters to all levels of expertise and risk appetites. For the less savvy investors, BSK removes the hassle of asset selection and provides a ready-made diversified portfolio in the form of a single token. For the more seasoned investors, BSK helps reduce the operational burden of managing a large portfolio while cutting down on transaction costs. The inclusion of stable coins also act as a natural short and hence a fair hedge to the macro market.

What makes BSK unique is that it is the first fully collateralized non-stable token in the market. The collateralization will work through the procurement of underlying assets at a 1:1 leverage, fully audited and held with third-party custodians. BSK will therefore be a true representation of the underlying assets, and any changes to the structure of BSK will be accompanied by the sale and purchase of relevant underlying assets.

The process has commenced with the Pre-ICO of VGT, which is due to run till 31st December 2021. This will be followed by the VGT ICO and the subsequent launch of BSK in 2022.. The Pre-ICO has a maximum supply of 20 million tokens with a hard cap of $1.5M, giving investors the opportunity to acquire a 25% discount on the official ICO launch price of $0.10 The minimum participation for the presale is $10, with investors getting VGT tokens within 12 hours of subscribing. This benefit is provided for early investors as compared to standard ICO investors who get possession of their tokens upon completion of the ICO

The ICO is set to launch on the 1st of January 2022 and will be divided into twenty different phases spread across a four-month period, with 50% of total supply (500 million) up for subscription. Any unsubscribed tokens will be added to the reserves.

Pledges for both the Pre-ICO and the ICO can be received in a number of crypto tokens, details of which can be found on the project website at Pledges are only accepted via Metamask and Trust wallets and exchange wallet transfers are not permissible. The project website provides detailed instructions on setting up wallets and transferring assets for participation.

About VINGT.IO Ecosystem

The VINGT.IO Ecosystem is a decentralized finance platform that aims to mitigate challenges faced by crypto investors. The ecosystem aims to narrow the gap between established markets and the cryptocurrency market by providing structured solutions so that investors can maximize their returns on investments. The ecosystem is governed by the VGT token, which investors will need in order to participate in any activity, transaction or decision linked to the ecosystem.

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